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Sankofa Mentoring Matters

Sankofa Mentoring Matters is a 501(c)(3) organization.  We exist to give youth the support they need as they journey from childhood into adulthood.  
As a result of participating in our programs and experiences such as the
Rites of Passage Program for Boys and Girls,
youth are developed into leaders that are self-aware, culturally conscious and who exhibit Christian character. This development is facilitated through exposure of youth to life-skills training and varied experiences.

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Our Organization’s Mission & Vision

The Mission of Sankofa Mentoring Matters is to cultivate the spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, social and occupational wellness in youth

through life-skills training and experiences.

The Vision:  Through exposure to life-empowering skills and experiences, Sankofa Mentoring Matters will develop young leaders that are self aware, culturally conscious, and exhibit Christian character.

With Mentors, 76% of young adults are accepted and graduate from college. 


Mentoring reduces depression in individuals and increases well-being. 


With this mentorship program, it will create a positive impact between the mentor and the student.  

"Excellence is a journey and not a destination."

N P Mohapatra


Sankofa – An African word from the Akan tribe in Ghana that literally means “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.” 

San – (return), ko (go), fa (look, seek, take).

Sankofa is represented by Adinkra symbols with either a stylized heart or by a bird with its head turned backward while its feet face forward carrying a precious egg in its mouth.   

Make a Donation

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We need your Help!

Invest in Future Leaders by making a tax-free donation to

Sankofa Mentoring Matters. 

Sankofa Mentoring Matters is a 501(c)3 youth organization and the participants in our Rites of Passage Program for Boys and Girls benefit from your donation in the following ways:
1)  Reduced Participant Fees
2)  Teacher/Student Class Materials
3)  Transport To and From Experiences
4)  Guest Speaker Fees

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