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About Our Rites of Passage Programs

Beyond Mentoring As You Know It!

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Grounding in Spiritual Principles

Sankofa Mentoring Matters utilizes Christian principles throughout our program initiatives.  We believe that instilling Christian character provides guidance in all areas of life, as well as serves, in its most authentic form, as a compass for moral integrity, personal character, and life purpose.

Life Skills Training

Independent and successful living includes being able to do those traditional things such as cooking a simple meal, replacing a lost button, repairing a seam, and knowing standard rules of etiquette.  Intentionally exposing youth to such life-skills is as important as preparing them academically.  

Sankofa Rites of Passage will provide such classes as:





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Educational Workshops and Personal Development

The lives of youth are enriched when they are provided success tools such as goal setting ad public speaking.  Also, being kept abreast of educational opportunities conveniently found within the DFW area is extremely beneficial.  In addition to assisting in the connecting of students with available resources, we will also host workshops on topics such as mental health, 


Sankofa Rites of Passage will provide such classes as:

Public Speaking

Goal Setting

Creating Vision Boards

Rich Cultural and Heritage Experiences

Youth are empowered if they develop a strong sense of identity.  Learning their identity in Christ, their ancestral heritage, and appreciating the uniqueness of their individual design.  To that end, cultural exposure of all varieties, facilitates personal development as one experiments and determines those things that enrich their life and bring pleasure or escape.

Sankofa Rites of Passage will provide such classes and experiences as:



African-American Ancestral Exposure


College and Career Preparedness

Graduation from high school is certainly an expectation of all of the youth in our programs, and having a plan for what comes next is paramount in helping to ensure a bright future.  Our high school juniors and seniors will be given personalized assistance with college matching and preparation, scholarship searching, and career exploration.  Students not interested in the standard college track, will still receive personalized assistance in technical school, trade school or other career certificate related exploration.

Sankofa Mentoring Matters will provide such classes and assistance as:

College Prep

Scholarship Search

Resume Building

Graduation Caps
Volunteers Packing Food

Volunteerism, Leadership and Mentorship Training

Developing leaders...that is core to all that we do.  Along with targeted leadership skills training, youth will be required to volunteer, and junior and senior high school students will be expected to lead and mentor younger participants.  This allows practical application of leadership skills and preparation for future leading.  And while earning community service hours will be helpful with college and scholarship applications, experiencing the joy and fulfillment of helping others will facilitate life-long interest if service beyond self.

Sankofa Mentoring Matters will provide such classes and opportunities as:

Personality Testing

Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities


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